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A Brush Set for Every Type of Girl

The Girl Who travels A lot: Marble brush set

These brushes are a perfect size to use for travel. Perfectly for our girl or guy who loves to travel and look good!


Marble Brush Set

Marble Brush Set: $22 CAD


The Crystal Girl

Crystals are totally in right now, and what way to show your love of crystals and stones then having a brush set to match it with. ( crystal brush set

 Crystal Brush Set: $18

The Wild Girl

Take a ride on the wild side with the hot pink 8 piece mermaid set. Nothing says fun and wild like a mermaid brush with hot pink handles.

The Fashionista

The blue marble brush is a perfect for those who always want to be trendy. This design never gets out of style.

 Blue Marble set $22

The Queen Bee

The Royal brush set is perfect for all the queens. This brush set will quickly make you feel like you are a queen.   Royal Brush set: 18$

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